Cooper City Dentist | A Note from Dinorah on Periodontal Disease

Hello everyone! My name is Dinorah Perez and I’m one of the hygienists here at Stirling Dental. I do want to talk to you a little bit about gum disease. Gum disease affects 85% of the adult population in the United States, and not only does it cause bad breath and tooth loss, but it is a driver for systemic inflammation. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis and Parkinson’s, just to name a few.

So at Stirling Dental, we are very aggressive in our fight against gum disease. We do offer a dental gel which is called Livionex. What this gel does is it breaks the attraction between bacteria and the tooth surfaces by reducing bleeding and inflammation.

Come to Stirling Dental and see for yourself that we are not only your dentist, we are more than your dentist. So I’ll see you here!

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